Orbit Heavy Haulage and the Share-holding companies health have safety policies in place.  In addition to this, the Share-holding companies have quality management systems, which are regularly audited. 

Orbit Heavy Haulage is a long standing member of the New Zealand Heavy Haulage Association, which strives to promote professionalism amongst its members.

Our drivers are all licensed to operate the machinery that they are required to load and deliver. Our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking systems to enable us to provide up to date location information to our clients and for additional safety.

We promote an injury-free environment and believe that all injury and damage is preventable.  We actively endorse safety and health management within our workplaces, and we are committed to the continuing safety of our employees, contractors and clients.

  • Each employee believes that health and safety is an individual responsibility and integral to the planning of all activities
  • Open communication
  • Ongoing professional development and training
  • Monitoring accountability 

"To implement and actively maintain a positive commitment to Health and Safety in the
workplace for the protection of all personnel and visitors from injury and illness."

Management with regular staff input and review will establish a safe working environment and enforce
safe working practices.

Supervisors will be held responsible for their section or department adhering to safe working
practices at all times.

taff will be required to comply with the safe working procedures which apply to their duties.
ORBIT HEAVY HAUL~GE LTD'S Health and safety commitment is to --

A Comply with all relevant standards regulations legislation and codes of practice
B. For Management to take all practicable steps to protect and promote the health and safety of all
employees, contractors and members of the public who may be affected by the company's activities.
C. Ensure health and safety is the designated responsibility of senior management, that all management
personnel are competent in Health and Safety management and have an understanding of Health
and Safety appropriate to their position
D. For all personnel of ORBIT HEAVY HAULAGE LTD to have an individual responsibility to ensure that
no action or inaction does harm to themselves or to any other person
E. Maintain staff input support and representation in health and safety
F. Establish and maintain a workplace free from persons possessing or working under the influence of
drugs, alcohol or any mind altering or legally controlled substance unless prescribed and used
according to doctors instructions
G. Display appropriate safety information in work areas
H. Ensure employees are adequately trained and supervised
I. Establish and maintain an effective hazard management system
J. Ensure that work accidents are accurately reported and investigated
K. Facilitate the rehabilitation of injured employees
L. For management to maintain appropriate ongoing statistics reporting and recording to accurately
measure sectional and company-wide health and safety compliance
M. Regularly review management and staff input and commitment to safety
N. Review this policy annually to meet changing needs and set new objectives
0. Maintain continuous improvement in Health and Safety

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